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Rooms at The Happy Host

Unfolding Experiences


Glass Room

Designed with your convenience in mind, our Standard Room provides you with suitable features and amenities for an enjoyable stay with panoramic view at The Happy Host.

Room Features:

- 1 King-size Bed

- Modern Washroom

- Private Balcony


Wooden Chamber

Our Wooden Chamber provides guests with the comfort and flexibility they need. This is an ideal option for friends or smaller families.

Room Features:

- 1 King-size Bed

- Fits upto 4

- Private Balcony


Ensuite Room

A convenient option for traveling families or groups, the Ensuite Room is one of our cozy rooms. We hope you’re comfortable during your stay at The Happy Host.

Room Features:

- Couch Setup

- Working Table with a View

- Local Decoration

Rooms & Suites: Rooms & Suites
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